What is Wine Must?

Wine must is made from fresh or frozen crushed grapes and contains the skins, seeds, and stems of the fruit. When you purchase frozen grapes, the best-frozen wine must has been destemmed. Destemmed meaning that the grapes have been put through a machine that removes the stems from the fruit.  Buy frozen grapes or wine […]

Why Buy Frozen Wine Grapes Must?

You may be wondering why should I buy frozen grapes or wine grapes that have been subject to freezing temperatures. Will wine must make good wine? The answer is a resounding YES! The short truth of the matter is that freezing grapes does not change the fundamental nature of the product you are trying to create. […]

Where can I buy unfermented grape must?

At Grapesforwine.com we offer the highest quality unfermented grape must bulk anywhere in the world. We offer grapes from award-winning vineyards located in California. If you have any grapes you would like to offer through our network, please send us a message through our contact us page. We process our grapes the same day they […]

How to Receive Frozen Wine Grape Must Pails

Very rarely a frozen wine grape pail will be imploded during the transportation process. This is largely due to thawing time, ship time, or sometimes the shipper handling. The pail may appear to be dented partially. Almost always there is no issue with the frozen grapes must inside. The lids are sealed in FDA compliant […]

What is the best wine making yeast?

The yeast packs we sell at Grapesforewine.com are selected from a wide range of products. We sell a yeast pack from Brehm that contains all of the best yeasts we feel are necessary for red wines to develop properly. You can select any wine yeast kits you would like, these are just the simplest off […]

What is Malolactic Culture Bacteria Malolactic Fermentation or MLF?

As a rule of thumb, malolactic bacteria cultures are added to wine must or wine in order to convert the harsher malic acid to softer lactic acid. This process is known as Malolactic Fermentation or MLF. This addition into the wine (aka inoculation) can be performed at the same time as alcoholic fermentation or sometimes […]