Very rarely a frozen wine grape pail will be imploded during the transportation process. This is largely due to thawing time, ship time, or sometimes the shipper handling. The pail may appear to be dented partially. Almost always there is no issue with the frozen grapes must inside. The lids are sealed in FDA compliant containers and should not have any air penetrating them until you open them. However, see below if you notice an issue:

What to do if your pail is dented?


Never leave frozen pails upside down. Always have them with the lid on top. Pails that appear swollen, cracked, or leaking gas are probably not usable. Once you receive shipments, you should immediately inspect the packaging and note the condition with the shipper or delivery person.  It is extremely important that you notify about the condition of the package as well as notify the shipping company (i.e. UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) this is to protect your order and for a timely claims process should one be required.

The pails can also be used as a wine must crushing tub, but not if there is any physical damage to it causing the product to leak or having been exposed early to the elements prior to the lid being removed.

Ingredient Checklist:

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