At we offer the highest quality unfermented grape must bulk anywhere in the world. We offer grapes from award-winning vineyards located in California. If you have any grapes you would like to offer through our network, please send us a message through our contact us page.

We process our grapes the same day they are picked and freeze them in commercial freezers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We ship worldwide but many of our customers are located all over the United States where they don’t have regular access to high-quality wine grapes. This is why buying from is such a great alternative because we ship you the very best anytime you want.

Ingredient Checklist:

Our customers come from all over looking for wine grape juice for sale in states like Washington, California, Oregon, and all the way to the midwest, states like Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island. Don’t let the weather and lack of vineyards around you discourage you. We can ship machine picked, hand-picked and also frozen in any quantity you would like.