You may be wondering why should I buy frozen grapes or wine grapes that have been subject to freezing temperatures. Will wine must make good wine? The answer is a resounding YES! The short truth of the matter is that freezing grapes does not change the fundamental nature of the product you are trying to create. Wine must after it has been thawed from the frozen grapes is a viable base product used to make wine by many thousands and thousands of people around the world. Freezing wine grapes just puts the must into a suspended state for later use.

There are many publications and videos dedicated to the subject of “How to make wine from grapes” and specifically “How to make wine from grape juice” or “How to make wine from frozen grapes”. Some of these links are below:

How to make wine from frozen grapes?

Using wine from wine sources like or Brehm frozen grapes has been proven to not harm the nature of the wine you are trying to produce. In fact, the crushing, destemming process takes place the same day as the grapes are picked and frozen. Remember, you need to cold soak red wine grapes in most cases anyway.

Keep in mind a distinction to be made that frozen grape must is not ice wine, it is a base product used to make wine but buying this product is not illegal in most jurisdictions. that although it is illegal.

Ingredient Checklist:

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