The yeast packs we sell at are selected from a wide range of products. We sell a yeast pack from Brehm that contains all of the best yeasts we feel are necessary for red wines to develop properly. You can select any wine yeast kits you would like, these are just the simplest off the shelf kits we supply.

Additive Ingredient Pack for Frozen Grape Must Fruit (Reds)

We want you to pick the best yeast that suites your needs. However, in order to help you get going, we offer this ingredient kit to use with our 5-gallon must pails.

Additive Pack includes:

Ingredient Checklist:

Our customers come from all over looking for wine grape juice for sale in states like Washington, California, Oregon, and all the way to the midwest, states like Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island. Don’t let the weather and lack of vineyards around you discourage you. We can ship machine picked, hand-picked and also frozen in any quantity you would like.