Rose Buckets

About Our Rosé Buckets

All of our Rosé buckets are made from free-run saignée juice. This is a method that has resulted in many award-winning Rosé wines from our grapes.

This method involves collecting free-run juice before the crushing process. All of our grapes are harvested by hand, these are then put into bins where the weight of the grapes presses off some of the juice. As the grapes are dumped into a horizontal auger, the free-run juice is collected along with some of the berries and left for approximately one to two hours before being separated and then hand filed into the buckets we offer.

All of our buckets are hand filled, hand measured, and it is through this attention to detail that you can trust the quality of our products. The end result is an exquisite Rosé wine unlike any other.

Our Rosé buckets are purpose-made to make Rosé. Unlike other Rosé products, these are not a byproduct but rather a controlled one that results in a deeper more structured, bold, and refined Rosé wine.

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